Bucks introduce ’11-12 slogan

The Laredo Bucks are celebrating their 10th anniversary season with a big ol’ family reunion.

A big ol’ six month-long family reunion.

And everyone in Laredo is invited.

“Every year we have a brand new slogan. This year, family kept coming up in everybody’s mind,” said Bucks General Manager Nicole Kupaks. “We’re a family on the ice among the players, we’re a family among the staff, our season ticket holders and corporate partners are family to us. Family, family, family, it just kept coming up.

“Especially this year, with that period of uncertainty, we called upon our family, the Laredo Bucks community, and held that family meeting, that town hall meeting. We felt that really being as a family on the ice and off the ice, that will make us successful this year.”

Therefore, the Bucks’ 10th anniversary slogan – “One team, one family” – which was revealed yesterday, was developed by the organization this summer.

“At the beginning of each offseason, we sit down as a staff and formulate a new marketing slogan that personifies who and what we are,” said Bucks President Donald Thomson. “With our 10-year anniversary upon us, we reflected back to what has really made the Bucks successful in Laredo.

“It is all about family and family entertainment. We do not refer to our season ticket holders and corporate partners as ‘customers,’ but rather, as ‘family members of Buck nation.’ We really are one team and one family.”

The Bucks have always stressed community involvement over the course of their 10-year history and they plan to continue to do so during this anniversary season under the guidance of long-time Buck and new head coach Serge Dube.

“Dube created this family,” Kupaks said. “He married a Laredoan and his family is now Laredo. We get returning players every year because of the Laredo community and how we embrace our players; we embrace them like a family member.

“We’ve had nine guys marry local (girls), so that says something about keeping it in the family.”

A number of community outreach activities are planned in store for this year.

“We’re going to be announcing a few things coming up during the season and special nights focused on that,” Kupaks said. “As far as community efforts, Serge, Donald and I are committed to being even more involved in the community this year. We’ve talked about joining Habitat for Humanity; we’ve always been visible, but this year we’ll be even more so in our community involvement efforts.”

Kupaks said she was excited to celebrate the turning of the page in Bucks history with a fan base that had become so much more than just fans.

“We’re looking forward to pulling together and pulling ourselves up and overcoming all our obstacles this year and being the best we can be,” she said. “We want to start the (next) era right.

“We started this whole thing together and we need to continue it together.”


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