About Border Town Sports

My name is Kenny Ryan and I’m a reporter for the Laredo Morning Times.

Laredo is often referred to as “The Gateway City” in reference to its location on the border of Texas and Mexico. It is a growing and bustling city. Nearly half of all trade between the United States and Mexico passes through the Laredo and the community has reaped the benefits accordingly.

Booming business means a booming sports scene. Four high schools compete at the 5A level and three schools have made the move to the 4A level for the 2011-12 athletic seasons. There are also professional baseball , soccer , and arena football teams. The brunt of my reporting will appear in the daily editions of the Laredo Morning Times, but I will strive to provide you daily teases to that content and sometimes provide articles in full.

Thanks to my recent purchase of my first iphone, I’ll be producing video content to go along with as many of my stories as possible. This content can be viewed here or on the LMT sports desk’s youtube channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/956SportsUnlimited?ob=0&feature=results_main

Thanks for visiting Border Town Sports! You can also follow me on twitter @LMT_Kenny, pick up a daily copy of the Laredo Morning Times or view the newspaper online at www.lmtonline.com


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