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Bucks’ president leaves organization

Laredo Bucks President Donald Thomson has parted ways with the hockey team after five years of working for the franchise.

Glenn Hart, minority owner and team founder, said there are no immediate plans to hire a replacement for Thomson. Thomson’s duties will be divided between his former subordinates and general manager Nicole Kupaks.

Thomson’s departure is amiable. He notified team ownership of his intentions one month ago.

“I’ve been thinking for a while that maybe there’s something else out there for me,” he said. “I’ve been putting it in for five years and have enjoyed it and gotten a lot out of it, but I feel God’s guiding me to find something else.”

Thomson leaves behind a legacy of strong leadership in the face of tough decisions. In his four years as vice president of corporate sales, the Bucks always ranked near the top of the Central Hockey League in corporate sales and sponsorships.

His greatest challenge, however, came one year ago, when he was promoted to team president at a time when profit margins were in the red and the financial viability of the program was in jeopardy.

“At times, it was tough down here, but I feel those tough times molded me,” he said. “The challenge was not only trying to make more money but seeing how we could save on cost. We’ve always been well above average in the league in terms of sales. It was our expenses that were hindering us, and we got that well under control.

“(The Bucks) are in a good situation now. We brought our expenses well down and are close to that break-even point and moving on from there.”

First meeting

A 2005 graduate of Texas A&M, Thomson intrigued then-majority owner Hart the day they first met, nearly a decade ago.

“I was asked to speak at a graduate-level class at A&M in sports management and Donald was in that class,” Hart said. “After the class was over with, the teacher said, ‘This kid Donald Thomson is a sharp guy who’s interned for the Astros, and you should consider hiring him.’ So Donald stayed after class and we talked a long time and I was impressed. He was more mature and personable beyond his age.”

It wasn’t long before Hart took that teacher’s advice and made Thomson a part of the Bucks’ sales team.

Thomson plans to spend the next few months seeing the world and exploring his options.

Kupaks, the general manager, empathized with Thomson’s desire to “recharge the batteries.”

“Our job is very stressful, and sometimes you just have to walk away from sports itself,” she said. “People who don’t live in the sports life, it’s hard to understand the day-to-day grind involved in being part of the sports industry. He’s leaving on his own. We wish him nothing but the best; he’s been a valuable part of the organization, and we’ll always hold him in high regards.”

Thomson won’t be leaving Laredo empty-handed. He leaves enriched by the experiences and relationships he built and cherishes after half a decade in the Gateway City.

“Our corporate partners and sponsors are like true friends and family to me,” he said. “Those relationships and friendships and the work experience can translate anywhere else. If I can sell hockey in Laredo, then I can sell football for the Houston Texans.

“I could see myself coming back to Laredo; this culture was a fit for me. The people and relationships you get down here are second to none, and that’s the toughest thing to leave behind.”


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‘Golden Goose’ buys majority share in Bucks

Glenn Hart, the man who founded the Laredo Bucks 12 years ago, announced Tuesday he has sold his majority share in the franchise to Laredo businessman, minority owner and longtime fan Gustavo “Goose” Hernandez.

Hart said the demands of his growing company Laredo Energy, coupled with the needs of his aging and ailing parents, led to his decision to sell his majority share.

For Hernandez, the task of turning around a once mighty but now struggling organization begins today.

Stay the course

Anticipating questions about the franchise’s future in light of a hectic offseason and lagging attendance numbers, Hernandez wasted little time Tuesday in committing to the future of the Bucks organization.

“While it’s true that recently our franchise, like many others in the league, has experienced problems in attendance, partly due to the economy and partly due to decline in interest, I think the best days of this franchise lie ahead of us,” he said. “I’ve been here awhile, and my personal commitment to this team isn’t just for this season.

“It’s for many seasons to come.”

In the spring, it was widely speculated the Bucks would leave the Central Hockey League and abandon professional hockey altogether to become a junior hockey team in the North American hockey League; some in the organization had even called it a done deal.

At the 11th hour, however, the team recommitted itself to professional hockey in the CHL, a position Hernandez promised “absolutely” to adhere to.

“The changes you probably will see or you do see are ones that have already been made,” Hernandez said.

Bucks president Donald Thomson said the impact of Hernandez’s acquisition will be felt more in the sales room than on the ice.

“Just from the mental side of how Laredo works, a lot of us are from out of the area – I’m from Houston and some of our best sales staff is from Florida, Connecticut and Michigan – so we don’t really bring that local knowledge here,” Thomson said. “We’ve grown it, but Goose has it.

“He’s trying to teach us things that work on a local level.”

In addition to the intangibles Hernandez offers, he also brings substantial assets to the table in the form of business contacts.

“He’s already brought a few contacts in from trucking companies,” Thomson said. “That’s a different industry that’s hard to get into, and it’s a major industry, and he’s making inroads into that that we’ve never been able to.”

Close at Hart

The decision for Hart to sell his majority share of the Bucks was the result of a confluence of factors, beginning with a hectic offseason in which the future of the team hung on the brink.

“This offseason, of all offseasons, I spent more time on (the Bucks than I have) since the start of the franchise,” he said. “The work the staff did and the work I did … we positioned for the long haul to make sure it was all right and acceptable to continue.”

One facet of the solution for the Bucks’ offseason woes was a call for increased local ownership during a town hall meeting on May 18. Hernandez answered the call and became a minority owner shortly thereafter, but that didn’t alleviate all of Hart’s pressures.

Just as the demands on Hart’s time from the franchise were increasing, his responsibilities elsewhere were on the rise as well.

“My personal situation in Laredo Energy is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger and harder to manage, which is a good thing, and both my parents have serious health issues and they live in Dallas, so that’s another whole set of worries and concerns for me,” Hart said “I began to realize two to three weeks ago that my dad was not capable of managing his business in his current situation. That put me in responsibility overload – ‘Oh my gosh, too many things to do!’ – so my first thought was ‘Gustavo is ready for this,’ and it became an easy choice.

“It’s (been) a wonderful time being highly involved in it, yet I’m truly relieved.”

Just because Hart relinquished his majority hold on the Bucks, however, doesn’t mean he’ll disappear from the franchise.

“I just want to make one thing very clear: Glenn Hart remains committed to this community, committed to the Bucks,” Hernandez said. “He still has a very important personal and financial stake in this franchise. He’s as close as by phone.”

Who is Hernandez?

While Hernandez’s role as a minority owner is six months young, his role as a fan has been strong since the franchise’s birth.

“I’ve been coming to the games since the beginning,” he said. “I believe the success or failure of this franchise lies not so much on me, Gustavo the partner, as it does on Gustavo the season ticket holder.”

Hart had never met Hernandez prior to the May town hall meeting, but he’d heard of the crazy fan from section 116 before.

“At first, I didn’t quite recognize the name and then people would say, ‘You know Gustavo. He’s the guy that so and so,’” Hart said. “(Section) 116 is known as the crazies of all the crazies, the passionate of the passionate.

“I think it’s absolutely awesome that someone from 116 has become the majority owner.”

This marks the first foray into the world of professional sports ownership for Hernandez, a graduate of Martin High and TAMIU who runs a private tax and accounting practice. He is also involved in cattle ranching and real estate and has an oil and gas start-up company to his name.

“Shortly after the season started, Glenn and I shared another discussion over coffee and we found and confirmed we share the same passion for this team, the same commitment to this community and the same love for Laredo,” he said. “(It) just helped make this decision a little easier.”

Thomson said Hernandez’s stint as a minority owner will prove invaluable as he takes the controls.

“What he did that was smart is that a lot of owners come in wanting to make things happen, but don’t really know what’s going on,” Thomson said. “(Hernandez) sat back since May and soaked everything in. He’s asked a lot of questions and learned, not only locally but on the league level, and now he has enough knowledge to start helping out a lot more.

“The guy’s extremely passionate and I think you can see that and we see that and it kind of revitalizes us.”

Thomson isn’t the only one who shared glowing remarks about Hernandez, whom Hart said he’d quickly identified as an ideal heir when the two became acquainted during the trying summer months.

“Over the years, I might not have fully lost my passion for it, but I lost just enough,” Hart said. “Gustavo reminds me of me 17 years ago when I founded the Houston Aeros franchise. I was charged up about it every minute of every day.

“Gustavo has that passion for it, and it’s important that the person leading the charge has that passion.”

Hart said the transition of ownership is effective now as far as everyone in the office is concerned, though legally it won’t be official until Dec. 31 for tax and business purposes.

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Pressure on Bucks’ front office to make season a success

While Laredo Bucks’ new head coach Serge Dube assembles and prepares his time for the approaching season, general manager Nicole Kupaks and team president Donald Thomson are hard at work in the front office putting everything else in place to make sure the coming year is a successful one.

“It’s a pivotal year with a whole new coach, a whole new direction,” said Thomson.

In the wake of an offseason filled with uncertainty and doubt, every facet of the Bucks organization knows it needs to step up its game this year to prove it can be a profitable, viable organization.

“We need to show we’re stable,” Kupaks said. “We have to keep this fire going the whole season. We’re considering this year one all over again, so we’re building toward year 20.”

More than a game

Last year, the Bucks’ oft-heard slogan was “More than a game.”

This year, they’re explaining what they meant.

“Before, it was about the game on Friday, maybe a giveaway of some sort. In our sales staff, we’re emphasizing we’re not just selling a seat, we’re selling a memory with your family,” Thomson said. “We’re giving people reason to bring their son, daughter or wife and what that can mean for bonding – or with a company, sending an employee out here as an award.

“We had gotten away from that. We were so focused on the hockey, we didn’t sell the benefits of being a season ticket holder for the fans.”

The family message goes beyond the opportunity for an individual family’s shared moment.

The Bucks are also hoping to create a family-like connection between the team and the Laredo community.

“We’ve kind of changed how we did things with that passing commercial with Serge Dube,” Kupaks said. “We were almost gone here for a bit, and some people did lose hope in us. We’re just here to remind people we’re one team and one family, inside and out, and you’ll see that more and more in our marketing campaign.”

A new experience

A slew of changes are being made to the actual game day experience at the LEA to make it a spectacle fans want to come back to.

“We’re adding excitement, like bringing the cheerleaders back,” Kupaks said. “The last time we had the Lady Bucks was two seasons ago, and it was a small edited down group of five or six girls. We’ll have 12 this year.

“We’ll also tweak the game with on-ice interviews and live camera shots from the back of the locker room to hype the crowd for what to expect the next period.”

Thomson said the changes were made as a result of keeping a finger to the pulse of what Bucks fans want to see.

Surveys said the fans wanted cheerleaders, so the Bucks went out and got cheerleaders.

The most noticeable change, however, will come in the form of new seating arrangements.

Announced during the summer, the Bucks will only be selling the arena’s lower bowl seats to create a closer, more densely packed atmosphere.

“With the 8,000 seat bowl, we were too spread out and there wasn’t the excitement,” Thomson said. “The coach and players are excited because the stands will be right on top and it will recreate the energy and atmosphere.”

Thomson and Kupaks said this year will feature more entertainment than years before, despite the rough economy.

Sales are up

The Bucks are already noticing an upswing in ticket sales as a result of their rededicated marketing efforts and promised changes to the game day experience.

“We had a jump in sales at the beginning of the offseason in June,” Thomson said. “I remember the first three days after that, our sales didn’t even close until midnight that Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. People were flooding in to get those seats and show their commitment that they were in.”

Thomson also credited a shakeup of the Bucks’ sales staff, such as the hiring of top ticket sales rep Mike Mariano from the Shreveport Mudbugs.

“He was very highly recruited by other teams,” Kupaks said. “Just like a top player, he was chased by different teams.”

Thomson explained there are three types of ticket buyers: season ticket holders, walk-up buyers and group buyers.

Thanks to Mariano’s proven strategy of targeting individual markets, such as holding a medical community night with discounts to doctors and nurses, everything should lead to a huge boom in group ticket sales, in addition to the already surging season ticket sales.

“Overall, with our new (season ticket holder sales) sales, we’re ahead,” Thomson said. “I’d say we’re about 50 to 60 seats ahead (of this time last year) as far as new sales go, which is a good thing.”

Exhibition on horizon

The first home game of the season may not be until Oct. 28, but fans will have a chance to see the new-look Bucks in action before then when the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees make the drive up to Laredo for an exhibition game on Oct. 14.

The game will also serve as a first trip back “home” for former Bucks head coach Terry Ruskowski, who now leads the Killer Bees.

Kupaks said the Bucks will take advantage of the opportunity to honor the wayward Ruskowski.

“We know we wouldn’t be where we are without Coach Rosco, so we are planning, during the game, to honor him in our little way,” Kupaks said. “I’ll probably drag him out of the locker room. He hasn’t been told about it yet, but I’ll drag him out. He won’t go unrecognized.”

Kupaks and Thomson said the ceremony will serve as the closing celebrating on a chapter of Bucks history.

“There’s a new energy among the fans … I think they’re excited Dube is the coach and turning the corner on a new era,” Thomson said. “That’s why we’re going to be honoring Rosco during the exhibition game, because, once the season starts, it’s about a new era, about Dube, and we’re looking at moving ahead.”

All proceeds of the exhibition game will be donated to United Way benefiting the South Texas Food Bank.

The team will also be collecting food for a food drive.

Tickets will cost $5 for any seat in the house.

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Bucks introduce ’11-12 slogan

The Laredo Bucks are celebrating their 10th anniversary season with a big ol’ family reunion.

A big ol’ six month-long family reunion.

And everyone in Laredo is invited.

“Every year we have a brand new slogan. This year, family kept coming up in everybody’s mind,” said Bucks General Manager Nicole Kupaks. “We’re a family on the ice among the players, we’re a family among the staff, our season ticket holders and corporate partners are family to us. Family, family, family, it just kept coming up.

“Especially this year, with that period of uncertainty, we called upon our family, the Laredo Bucks community, and held that family meeting, that town hall meeting. We felt that really being as a family on the ice and off the ice, that will make us successful this year.”

Therefore, the Bucks’ 10th anniversary slogan – “One team, one family” – which was revealed yesterday, was developed by the organization this summer.

“At the beginning of each offseason, we sit down as a staff and formulate a new marketing slogan that personifies who and what we are,” said Bucks President Donald Thomson. “With our 10-year anniversary upon us, we reflected back to what has really made the Bucks successful in Laredo.

“It is all about family and family entertainment. We do not refer to our season ticket holders and corporate partners as ‘customers,’ but rather, as ‘family members of Buck nation.’ We really are one team and one family.”

The Bucks have always stressed community involvement over the course of their 10-year history and they plan to continue to do so during this anniversary season under the guidance of long-time Buck and new head coach Serge Dube.

“Dube created this family,” Kupaks said. “He married a Laredoan and his family is now Laredo. We get returning players every year because of the Laredo community and how we embrace our players; we embrace them like a family member.

“We’ve had nine guys marry local (girls), so that says something about keeping it in the family.”

A number of community outreach activities are planned in store for this year.

“We’re going to be announcing a few things coming up during the season and special nights focused on that,” Kupaks said. “As far as community efforts, Serge, Donald and I are committed to being even more involved in the community this year. We’ve talked about joining Habitat for Humanity; we’ve always been visible, but this year we’ll be even more so in our community involvement efforts.”

Kupaks said she was excited to celebrate the turning of the page in Bucks history with a fan base that had become so much more than just fans.

“We’re looking forward to pulling together and pulling ourselves up and overcoming all our obstacles this year and being the best we can be,” she said. “We want to start the (next) era right.

“We started this whole thing together and we need to continue it together.”

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Bucks’ former coach Ruskowski to lead the Killer Bees

Terry Ruskowski led an illustrious tenure at the helm of the Laredo Bucks, highlighted by two President’s Cup wins and a .597 winning percentage over the span of nine years, until he amiably departed the franchise in May.

Now he’s going to attempt to capture the same success with the Bucks’ most hated rival in the Valley.

On Tuesday, Ruskowski was introduced as the latest head coach and general manager of the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees.

The McAllen Monitor reported that Ruskowski’s deal is for two years, plus an option.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

Miss me?

The move of Ruskowski from the Bucks to the Bees almost carries the feel of an old cold war defection in Berlin. It still strikes Ruskowski as surreal.

“It really hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m on the other side of the fence,” Ruskowski said. “It will strike me when I play against the same teams and see different colors than I’m used to seeing on the ice. I’ll have to get used to the Bees colors, uniforms and equipment, and then it will be just another game I’m trying to win.”

But don’t hold any hard feelings, Laredo. Ruskowski said the move was necessitated by the reality of the times.

“I didn’t have a job and (the Killer Bees) were kind enough to offer me a job and I’m happy to take the offer and want to do the best I can to make this franchise as strong as possible,” he said. “Some (Bucks fans) probably won’t be happy, but they have to understand I have to make a living and feed my family like everyone else.

“It doesn’t mean I don’t like Laredo, I’ll always love Laredo. It’s just part of life.”

Ruskowski and the Bucks parted ways when financial struggles limited what the club could offer to pay him.

He didn’t mention any figures, but said the Killer Bees offered the better deal.

“What the Bucks were offering me was a lot less than what I was making (before), and the Bees offered more than what the Bucks offered the second go-round,” he said.

Any other thoughts on his relationship with Laredo will have to wait for a later date.

Ruskowski has plenty of work in store this summer if he’s to set sail with a successful inaugural season in the Valley.

“The owners are committed to winning. It makes me feel good, but a little nervous, a little stressed and pressured,” he said. “It’s a McDonald’s world; they want it and they want it now, so I’ll have to try to do the best I can off the start.”

Upping the ante

The reaction to the news of Ruskowski’s new job from the Bucks organization is universally positive.

“I’m happy for him since he is such a good friend,” Bucks owner Glenn Hart said. “He would be just like a brother on the golf course. I’d want to beat his butt and have dinner afterwards.”

Team president Donald Thomson said he was excited for the environment Ruskowski’s inevitable return will create.

“We are proud and happy for Coach Ruskowski to be leading the Killer Bees,” Thomson said. “If you thought the rivalry between Laredo and Rio was big before, just wait.

“We fully expect sell-out crowds every time Coach Ruskowski and the Killer Bees visit Laredo.”

The Bucks’ and the Bees play so frequently that 25 percent of Ruskowski’s schedule is likely to remain unchanged; he’ll just be coaching from an opposite bench.

“It’ll be a little different seeing him on the other end of the bench,” Bucks coach Serge Dube said. “But I have to worry about my team and what my team will be doing. I know he’s a good coach and he’ll do the best to recruit the best team he can in the Valley like he did here.

“It will be a challenge every night and an exciting one.”

As excited as everyone is to see Ruskowski earn his next job, they’re equally eager to see the reception he gets when he makes his first visit to the Laredo Energy Arena as a Killer Bee.

“He’s done so much for the Laredo Bucks and the city, hopefully our fans will respect him at the beginning,” Bucks General Manager Nicole Kupaks said. “But I know our fans, and they just want a ‘W’ on the board.

“He’ll always be loved here in Laredo, no matter what, and we’ll always love and respect him and have a place in our hearts for him.

“But what happens on the ice stays on the ice.”

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Dube takes to new gig as Bucks coach

Things are a little different this June for Serge Dube.

In past years, the former Laredo Bucks hockey player would spend his summers picking up a job and working out to stay in shape for the coming season.

This summer, the player-turned-head coach is spending his days talking to players and agents and scouring the internet for perspective talent.

Dube said his first several weeks of his tenure as the Bucks’ new coach has been one thing above all else.


Jumping in

The morning after being introduced as the new coach of the Bucks on May 18, Dube was strapped in behind the desk and getting to work.

The first order of business was dropping the strenuous workout routine and focusing in on finding talent.

“I helped (former head coach) Terry (Ruskowski) out a little last summer recruiting-wise, but when you’re the one making the calls and sitting behind the desk, it’s really interesting how many guys are out there and what kind of guy is out there,” Dube said.

“Obviously it’s a little easier on the body, not necessarily the belt.”

Dube is not only in discussions with current players on the roster whom he hopes will return, but also with the agents of players in lower leagues who are hoping to rise up to a new level.

This summer, with the closing of teams like Odessa and the financial struggles of teams like Bossier-Shreveport and Rio Grande Valley, the recruiting game has a bit more nuance to it.

“We have league meetings this weekend in Arizona and hopefully those teams will decide if they’re in or not,” Dube said. “If they’re out, then obviously there are good players I’d probably want to bring in here, but it’s tampering, against the rules, to sign someone when they’re still with another team.

“This week, it’s been kind of a waiting game to see what goes on with the league. Next week will be full-fledge head on who I can talk to and when I can talk to them.”

Office changes

The introduction of Dube as the new head coach hasn’t been the only lineup change to come out of the Bucks’ front office over the past three weeks.

A new president, general manager and director of ticket operations have been named as well.

Nicole Kupaks, previously the vice president of business operations, is the new general manager, a position previously held by Ruskowski.

“I am very excited about this new opportunity within the organization,” Kupaks stated in a press release. “I truly love this organization and look forward to the upcoming season.”

Donald Thomson, previously the vice president of sales, has been named President, another position previously held by Ruskowski.

“I feel tremendously blessed to be given this opportunity by Glenn and the Laredo Bucks,” Thomson stated. “Glenn gave me my first opportunity directly out of Texas A&M, and to have the ability to be in this type of leadership position is a blessing from Glenn, and more importantly, from God.”

Samantha Cuppen, previously a ticket account executive, has been named director of ticket operations. Cuppen will oversee all season ticket sales, group sales and event nights.

“I am excited to expand the roles of Donald, Nicole, and Samantha in the Bucks organization,” team owner Glenn Hart said.

“They, along with Jennifer and Serge, form the ‘management team,’ of the Bucks.

“Besides their talent and work ethic, which I have observed over many years, they have the most important element to successfully lead the Bucks, which is passion.”

One person questionable to return is Jeff Bes, the Bucks’ leader in many categories – including points and assists – and the face of the franchise during his eight years in Laredo.

Bes, who has also served as Ruskowski’s assistant coach during the past few seasons, is a candidate for the head coaching position of the Southern Professional Hockey League’s Fayetteville FireAntz.

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A change of lineup in the Laredo Bucks’ front office

Got this press release from the Laredo Bucks earlier today. Expect a story on this, along with the first weeks of new Bucks’ head coach Serge Dube, tomorrow:

Front Office Changes

LAREDO, TX:  The Laredo Bucks, of the Central Hockey League, announce President, General Manager and Director of Ticket Operations.


Donald Thomson, previously the Vice-President of Sales, has been named President.  As the new President, Thomson will lead the business side of the organization.  Thomson has passionately led the ticketing and corporate sales departments since January 2009.  As President, he will continue to guide the sales departments as well as other facets within the organization.  While under his leadership, the Laredo Bucks have been nominated for numerous CHL Awards including Group Sales Franchise of the Year and Corporate Partnership Executive of the Year.  Thomson helped the Laredo Bucks win the Corporate Partnership Franchise of the Year in 2007-2008.  “I feel tremendously blessed to be given this opportunity by Glenn and the Laredo Bucks.  Glenn gave me my first opportunity directly out of Texas A&M, and to have the ability to be in this type of leadership position is a blessing from Glenn, and more importantly, from God.  I look forward to working in this new role, and to continue working with Nicole Kupaks, Jennifer Beckelhymer, Coach Dube, and all the tremendous staff members we have on board,” stated Donald Thomson.


Nicole Kupaks, previously the Vice-President of Business Operations, has been named General Manager.  As General Manager, Kupaks will continue to create the schedule for the Bucks, work with player housing, immigration, travel arrangements, press releases and community efforts for the team.  Coach Dube will continue to be in charge of player personnel and Kupaks will work with Coach Dube in all other aspects of hockey operations.  “I am very excited about this new opportunity within the organization.  I have been blessed to work with an outstanding staff including Donald Thomson, Jennifer Beckelhymer, and Coach Dube.  I cannot thank Glenn Hart enough for giving me this opportunity.  He continues to be an incredible owner and the best person I have ever had the opportunity to work for.  I truly love this organization and look forward to the upcoming season,” says Kupaks.


Samantha Cuppen, previously a Ticket Account Executive, has been named Director of Ticket Operations.  Cuppen will oversee all season ticket sales, group sales, and event nights.  Samantha joined the Laredo Bucks for the 2010-2011 season and proved herself as one of the top account executives the Bucks have ever had.  When asked how she felt about her new position Samantha stated, “I’m very excited to have accepted the Director of Ticket Operations position with the Laredo Bucks.  I’m working hard using the skills I’ve learned in the past so that I can have a larger impact on the fans and the positive experiences they have with the Bucks and their friends & family.


“I am excited to expand the roles of Donald, Nicole, and Samantha in the Bucks organization. They along with Jennifer and Serge form the “Management Team” of the Bucks. Besides their talent and work ethic, which I have observed over many years, they have the most important element to successfully lead the Bucks, which is passion,” stated Glenn Hart.

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